solar heated hot water for households without running water

This was not just Anna's reality, but is also the reality of countless households worldwide, numbering in the billions

All for the purpose of heating a few liters of water

It’s incredibly straightforward

no installation, wood, paraffin, solar panels, batteries or inverters
Unlike all other geysers, the SolaGeyza can be washed, cleaned and sterilized on the inside when needed

Neatly packed in a box

Simply hang the SolaGeyza on a north facing wall

Or a pole in direct sunlight and fill it up

When the water is heated up, close the all round insulation and take it inside

Enjoy the convenience of free hot running water inside your home

You too deserve quality, convenience and style

  • Affordable, heavy-duty, portable, and durable UV-protected solar thermal appliance
  • SolaGeyza operates without the need for running water
  • No installation, plumbing, or loose components required
  • Inlet and outlet points are leak-proof and highly durable
  • Eliminates the need for climbing onto the roof
  • Rust-free with a ten-year material guarantee
  • Summer heating: 30 liters to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Winter heating: 20 liters to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Maintains warm water until late evening
  • Highly resilient, immune to bad weather and hailstorms
  • High security due to minimal recycling value
  • No algae growth due to absence of sunlight inside the geyser
  • Can be used with clean cook stoves for hot water storage in cloudy conditions
  • Scalable based on affordability
  • 95% local content and 100% locally manufactured
The recently enhanced and patented SolaGeyza brings about an even more significant impact
  • The SolaGeyza brings an instant improvement to the standard of living
  • All-round insulation sustains warm water until late evening
  • Particularly advantageous for women with infants or young children
  • SolaGeza’s hot water primarily serves washing and dish-related tasks
  • Directly affects health, time management, and savings
  • Given the substantial water heating that takes place through electric stoves or kettles, the SolaGeyza is poised to be an integral solution to our electricity problems
  • Yields unmeasured advantages with a cleaner, smoke-free environment
  • Generates employment opportunities through manufacturing and local agents
  • Agents raise awareness about solar thermal energy’s potential and offer service supportThe recently enhanced and patented SolaGeyza brings about an even more significant impact

If you don't have basic services, the journey to enhance your life has just commenced

Having grown up and continuing to operate within informal environments, we possess a profound understanding of the challenges faced by these communities.

Our startup, Sola4Africa, has already made remarkable strides in optimizing, testing, and manufacturing our innovative product. This groundbreaking solution propelled our business to win our category for social innovation of the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme, initiated by Silicon Valley in the United States. We are also shortlisted by the future of energy innovation challenge with the United Nations development programme and Branson center

Our potential customer base encompasses a staggering one billion households worldwide. What sets SolaGeyza apart is its impressive carbon offset, allowing users to heat three times more water per day without emitting any carbon or other greenhouse gases. SolaGeyza tackles a pervasive issue comprehensively, a problem that is only partially addressed by clean cook stoves. 

We are deeply passionate about the positive impact we are making in people’s lives. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that a SolaGeyza unit is present in every household, facilitated by our ability to manufacture large quantities within a short timeframe.

We also offer this innovation to partners, sponsors, and potential investors, particularly those with specialized knowledge in this field, to join us on this transformative journey.

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